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What 10 Things Every Dog Wants Their Owner To Know!!

Dog Avoiding touch

Dogs are smart and if they had our vocal cords they’d talk non-stop, sometimes our furry friends have a bunch of messages and cues for us and we barely know what and when to pick up on them. Dogs are highly communicative and always have something to say the only trick for you to understand what they’re trying to convey is if you learn these 10 signs below.

Right on time? Or not so much

Did you know that dogs have the ability to sense patterns in timeframes? Yes, they can. While dogs can’t precisely tell the time, they are to sense daily patterns and routine and if you somehow don’t show up they will always be waiting. So if you come home and find out your dog has a weird reaction, maybe it’s not weird after all. It might be a natural reaction to your being late. Know that if you come home late your dog will notice!

Happy or not so happy?

We assume that when dogs wag their tail they’re overexcited and booming with happiness but not all the time. Sometimes its a sign of stress or anxiety your dog might be suffering from. To better understand if your dog is happy or not, try learning your dog’s body language by assessing if their lips are curled tight together while they’re wagging their tail. Sometimes a blend between these two gives you the implication that your dog is actually stressed instead of happy.

When’s the last time I went on a walk? Huh?

Feeling guilty much? Yea, dogs can get quite stressed and overcharged with energy if it is not exerted in a healthy way. If your dog breed is the type to get energized after missing just one walk then you should be more careful. Your dog is not misbehaving, they are just expressing their given right to be the energy-filled dogs they are. Be more aware of your dog’s energy and don’t miss a walk.

Why is my dog bringing me gifts?

In dog language, gifts are a sign that you’re one of the packs, and not only that, but you are also the leader of that pack. So if your dog brings you a gift, unasked for, then rest assured that you have been anointed a leader. In this case, pat your dog on the head and give them a nice rub on the head. They’ll enjoy it plenty Another reason why your dog might bring you a gift is to initiate play. It might be a sign to come to play with the dog so pick up on such cues.

Why is my dog staring at me?

While dogs don’t get infatuated with their humans, they for sure can become overwhelmed with feelings of love and loyalty to the pack leader, you. If your dog is staring at you right in the eye then your dog might be showing you that they love you dearly and that you are making them happy.

My dog loves sitting on my feet. Why?

Dogs can become quite territorial and one of their ways of showing it is by sitting right on your feet. They are claiming you as their own saying “this is my territory, do not cross”. It is, in fact, kind of cute considering that this is just part of their language and way of staying protective over their little human.

Does my dog know more than I assume?

Yea your dog is a genius and you don’t even know it. They can smell it on you. If you’ve been having a hard day they can see right through you and may try to comfort you in their own way. They can read your body language and know if you are upset or sad or mad. They even mimic their owners body language and feeling. Whether you know it or not, your dog knows more about you than you think. Just because they can’t speak English doesn’t mean they can’t communicate.

My dog isn’t showing any guilt. Isn’t this cat behavior?

Well, it is cat behavior indeed but also dog behavior as well. Dog shaming is pretty popular online with people testing their dogs to see if they will react in shame to what they’ve done, However, dogs can pretty much act like they didn’t just do that thing and they don’t give a damn about it too because that’s the truth about dogs. They don’t feel guilt, at least, not in the way we humans do. Instead, their guilty look is just an attempt to appease you and avoid punishment. It is also a sign of confusion.

dog with collar

Why is my dog grooming himself too much?

Grooming in normal but too much grooming is a behavior that might need some attention. If your dog licks themself on the same spot then maybe check if that spot is hurting them. They might be telling you that it hurts them in that area or that something is wrong medically. Another reason why your dog might be grooming excessively is that they are sad and lonely and haven’t gotten any attention from you lately. Be supportive and understanding of your dogs way of showing emotions or signs that might either be about you or something serious like a medical issue.

My dog barks way too much. Is something wrong?

Your dog might be just a barker. Some dogs bark more than others but some dogs bark on an excessive note because something might be wrong. What could be wrong is something you have to figure out and understand through showing understanding and paying a lot of attention. Your dog might be sick or have some underlying issues that can go unnoticed. Also, barks come in different tones. If your dog is whining clearly there is something wrong about your dog you will need to check what the issue could be as soon as possible. Don’t worry though, maybe your dog is just asking for attention if their barks are not in a whining tone.

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