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5 Different Ways You Can Avoid Eating Lots of Sugar

Eating a high amount of sugar can be too risky for your body. It has severe negative effects on your health. Sugar can be a cause of obesity, heart disease, tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of sugar, minerals, and vitamins. Naturally found sugar is very helpful for your body. However, the sugar that comes from processed food is very dangerous for our health.

Here are 5 simple ways to stop eating lots of sugar:

1. Cut Back on Sugar-Filled Drinks

Some popular drinks are a great source of sugar. For example, sodas, sports, energy, and fruit drinks contain a heap of added sugar. Many types of fruit juice contain an eye-watering amount of it. For example, 450ml of 100% apple juice contains almost 49g of sugar.

Human bodies don’t recognize calories from drinks as it recognizes from foods. Different studies show that drinking less sugary drinks helps you in weight loss. Water, herbal or fruit teas are the best drinking options. Water contains zero calories. Similarly, you can take tea unsweetened tea or flat white or black coffee.

2. Avoid Sugar-Loaded Desserts

Most desserts are a great source of sugar that spikes blood sugar. In this case, you feel tired and hungry. Grain and dairy-based desserts like pies, cakes, ice cream, and doughnuts contain a good amount of sugar.

If you want something sweet to eat and avoid eating a sugary diet, there are some other food options available. For example, you can eat fresh fruit. They are full of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Similarly, you can eat Greek yogurt which is full of protein, vitamin B12, and calcium.

Baked fruit with cream is another important diet option. Dark chocolate and dates are other important and nutritious diets.

3. Avoid Sauces with Lots of Sugar

Ketchup, sweet chili, and barbecue are the most common diets you can find in the kitchen. However, many people don’t know that they contain shocking sugar content.

For example, 15g of ketchup contains almost 4g of sugar. Although, some varieties are not rich in sugar. So it is better to read the label before consuming ketchup. Fresh or dried herbs and spices are low in sugar which contains many health benefits.

Similarly, fresh chili, yellow mustard, and vinegar are other sugar-free diets. Harissa paste is the finest alternative of sweet chili sauce.

4. Eat Full-Fat Foods

Low-fat foods are everywhere such as peanut butter, salad, and yogurt. Some studies show that fat is bad. Do you agree with them? Yes, they are also good to avoid low-fat diets. If you want to avoid eating a sugary diet, you can eat fatty diets. However, you should go with full-fat versions.

Avoiding full-fat diets help you in weight loss. Full-fat foods are a great source of sugar. For example, 4-ounce of low-fat vanilla yogurt contains 16g of sugar.

5. Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods are free from different artificial substances and additives. On the other hand, some are ultra-processed foods. So these prepared foods contain sugar, fats, and salt.

Some companies add artificial flavors, emulsifiers, colors, and other additives. Soft drinks, desserts, pizzas, pies, and cereals are some examples of ultra-processed foods.

Bread and cheese are an example of standard processed foods. If you want to eat whole foods, you should cook them from scratch. It is the best way to avoid sugar. You don’t need to cook elaborate meals. For example, marinating meat or fish in spices, herbs, and olive oil gives you delicious results.

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