15 Surprising Signs That Shows Your Dog is Secretly Mad at You

It is not widely known but dogs are prone to getting angry just as humans do. With dogs though it is less visible and hidden away behind the layers of discomfort. They might be showing you in numerous ways but it will not get through to you if you don’t know these 15 signs.

15. Low hanging ears

Dog Flattened ears

For dogs, ears are a major giveaway to their emotional state. Just pay attention to the way your dog’s ears are positioned. If they are flat then that might mean your dog is dealing with some sort of discomfort.

If the face is rigid and tense along with flattened ears then this is a direct giveaway that your dog is feeling anger. If you feel like you might be responsible for your dogs anger then gently pat them on the head or scratch their ears. Don’t worry, dogs aren’t grudgy!

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